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Types Of Accommodation Available When Travelling

February 22, 2017 • Ben Filly

When traveling in a foreign place, one way to really experience it is by seeing how they live. This is why your choice of accommodation plays a big part in the success of your holiday. With eh boom I travel in the last few years the types of accommodation available has grown exponentially. So, today we have complied a list popular accommodation choices amongst travellers to help you find the best option for you and help you plan your next trip.

The usual choice
The common choice for most travellers is pleasant hotel and villa resort in Lombok both big chain names and smaller local ones. There are both advantages of both options, with the bigger internationally recognised chains, you have the security that they abide by a particular standard and that you will be well taken care of during your stay. With the local brand, you have the somewhat cheaper option with a bit more local touch. Either option is a good choice for travellers who want to relax in comfort or experience the local culture with modern amenities.

The choice of staying at hotels is more a budget friendly choice usually favoured by backpackers and younger travellers who are on a budget. The benefit of this is that accommodation is very cheap and flexible but on the down side, budget friendly means that the luxuries are few. While you will have access to modern amenities, they will be shared with others and the only space of your own is the bed and pillow you pay for. This is ideal if you will only be needing a place to sleep for a few hours and have a shower.

Serviced apartments
This another alternative to vilas and resorts where you have stay at an apartment under the serviced tenant rule. This a good choice when travelling in large groups, with families or for long stays. You have the comforts of both the usual holiday places with a touch of personal living space allowing you privacy. So, this combination of both worlds gives you an added advantage in making your holiday great.

Home stays are a newer creation in the travel world, this is where a room or a house is let out to tourists when the owners are not using it. It is advantageous to both the tourist and the home owners as it serves the travellers purpose of accommodation and cultural immersion and the home owner, some extra income. This a good option for those who want to see how the locals live witness a cultural experience through it.

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