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Tips To Make Your House “Green”

July 7, 2017 • Ben Filly

Building a new house or starting a project to make your current house more eco-friendly and energy efficient will drain you out, mostly because of all the decisions that you must make. However bear in mind that once the hard part is over, you will have a very energy efficient house. It will also give your house a great real estate value if at any point you were to consider selling it. These green features will help you in the long run but will be costly when you first get them installed. It can also be your way of giving back to nature and to the betterment of future generations as well.

Install some thermostats

You can save energy, make your house more environmentally friendly and cut down on utility bills if you can program thermostats and install them. The better part of your bills will be due to the heating and cooling of your house. You can set up your thermostats to stay at the energy company recommended levels during summer and winter respectively. You can also consider about having a solar window film which will help you save a large amount of energy. For further information you can definitely click this site for solar window film.

Change your lighting

CFL and LED bulbs are both great options of lighting that will save you tons of energy. They are both more expensive than the normal bulb but they will be durable for a much longer time, will produce less heat and will also save a lot of energy that traditional bulbs will not.

Pay attention to the landscape around

Involve nature in your process. Can you plant more trees outside your house? If so go for it. Can a affordable window film for home let more natural light in? Opt for it. If there is a tree smack in the middle of your living room designated area consider building around it. It will add character and value to your house as well. Staying in harmony with the nature around means that your house will be guarded by nature as well.

Buy energy efficient appliances

Again, these will cost you more upfront. However, they will help you financially because they will help you save up a lot more on those energy bills that you need to dish out. Instead of going for the cheapest options in terms of electrical appliances, try going for the slightly costly yet energy efficient types. There are many reliable and competitive brands in the market today that cater to this need. Just make sure that you definitely buy from a reliable vendor so that you have a warranty for the products. These are some of the simplest ways in which you can make your new house green or upgrade the old one.

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