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Key Practices To Follow For A Happy Marriage

July 6, 2017 • Ben Filly

In this day and age, most marriages end up in divorces mainly because partners are refusing to compromise and cultivate good practices towards each other. Marriage takes effort, it is certainly not a walk in the park. There is a lot of compromise and sacrifices involved. Because trying to live your life with someone else, according to their rules, habits and motives is not something one could get used to in a day. And thus, given below are some ways in which you could maintain a happy marriage life.

 Kind words

 Words most definitely hurt. Name calling and the yelling at each other the moment you lose your temper is definitely not a healthy practice. Always be the first to apologize and always maintain your dignity by refraining from hurting the other party verbally by biting your tongue. Because once it’s been said, you can’t take it back. Always be sure to use kind words filled with warmth. Always have a filter, it doesn’t matter if it’s your partner .These small things towards each other can take you two away from the need to go to a divorce lawyer.


 Marriages are a based on the give and take relationship that both parties cultivate. Neither of the parties should keep track of what’s been given and how the other party should reciprocate. Giving without expectation is key to maintaining a happy and healthy marriage. A marriage annulment in Singapore will sure be round the corner if you always keep tabs of how the other party didn’t pay back the kindness you bestowed upon them. Being generous does not take much effort, you needn’t buy each other expensive gifts every day, just helping each other on day to day tasks, reducing each other’s burdens in any way possible is a way you could practice generosity.


 Always listen, don’t be quick to point fingers or judge the other person or even put the blame on your significant other. Take a step back, see what your partner has to say, hear what they’re saying and then, make your call. Listening and hearing are two different things, make sure to analyze and take in what your partner has to say, and not just discard their opinion on the matter once they’ve had their say. Maintaining a happy marriage is not an easy task, but if you practice good qualities and try to maintain harmony, then it would be key to a successful marriage.


 Always had each other’s backs. Always encourage each other’s dreams, and help each other pursue them. Be each other’s biggest fans and help them overcome the issues they may be facing by acting as a team. Never abandon your partner in the times of need and always be emeritus to fill in to do their part if the other party is unable.



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