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Finding Work Outside Your Comfort Zone

February 15, 2017 • Ben Filly

If you want to progress in your career faster one of the best ways to do this is to find work outside your comfort zone. There are a number of ways in which you can do this. We have listed out a few below.

However before you look at these options you must also consider the risks involved. Going outside your comfort is scary and will require you to let go of something that is secure and reliable services. However if you are smart about it and make the right moves you will be able to find success. It will also be a really interesting experience. Therefore if you think that you are ready for this big step, you can consider some of these options that we have listed out.

Changing your line of work

If you have many years of work experience you will possess skills that are known as transferrable skills that allow you to change your line of work. You can use these skills to find a new job that you are interested in and shake things up a little. It will also expand your horizons and help you go up the corporate ladder faster.

Finding work in a different country

You can also get some really good experience by finding work in a different country. This will require you to move abroad. For example if you live in Dubai and you find work in Canada you will have to bid farewell to all your friends and family and move abroad. Moving from Dubai to Canada can be a big change for you and you will have to be very determined to make this work.

You can also make this transition easier by getting some extra help from a moving company in Abu Dhabi to help you take all the things that remind you of home with you. You should also look for work in a country that you would like to live in as this would make it much easier to move to your new environment.

Starting out on your own

Starting out on your own can be a huge risk but the rewards will be equally satisfying. You can be the decision maker of your own company and develop it to any level depending on your business skills and hard work. If you have leadership skills, a good business mind and strong instincts this is definitely a move you should make. If you think that you have new ideas that will improve your market, you can potentially create a disruptive effect that will change the business landscape that other companies will have to follow.

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